Purina® Layena® Pearls Feed (25LB)


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Purina® Layena® Pearls Extruded Layer feed provides the optimal combination of nutrients laying hens need to stay healthy in a highly digestible, bite-sized pearl. Infused with our exclusive Oyster Strong® System it helps ensure laying hens receive a consistent supply of calcium through a blend of oyster shell, vitamin D and manganese. It utilizes larger particles of oyster shell to provide a steady release of calcium during the night when hens are forming eggshells. Vitamin D is like the taxi that gets the calcium into your hen's bloodstream where it can be transported to where it is needed, while manganese helps strengthen and create the structure of the egg. The Oyster Strong® System brings all three together to help your hens make strong, healthy eggshells. 


Contains 16% protein and the Oyster Strong® System

Proper levels of vitamins, plus oyster shell for strong shells

Highly digestible pearl for optimal nutrient absorption

Helps support overall bird health and egg production

Bite-sized to minimize feed loss

Helps your entire flock get the proper nutrition they need

No added antibiotics or hormones

Federal regulations prohibit use of added hormones

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