Pennington Seed One Step Complete Bermuda Seed, Mulch & Fertilizer 8.3 lb.


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Repair bare spots and thin or pet-damaged areas in your Bermudagrass lawn in just three weeks or less* with Pennington One Step Complete Bermudagrass. This easy-to-use, pre-mixed product provides everything you need for quick and simple lawn repairs. With One Step Complete Bermudagrass, you get premium Bermudagrass seed, professional-grade fertilizer and natural wood mulch in one product. Plus, Pennington's exclusive Penkoted seed technology protects seed from disease and ensures healthier, better seedling growth.

Repairs bare spots in three weeks or less*
Combination wood mulch, premium Pennington grass seed and fertilizer
Grows beautiful, healthy, thick grass
If the bare spot was caused by dog urine, be sure to water thoroughly prior to planting. Flushing the area will dilute the concentrated salts and help the seed fully establish.
*Subject to proper growing conditions

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