Durvet DuraCream Udder Balm


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A teat and udder balm formulated to penetrate, soothe, and soften chapped and irritated skin. DuraCream Aids in the protection against the effects of extremes in weather - low humidity, warm and cold temperatures. Daily application of DuraCream aids in soothing and softening chapped and irritated skin.

DuraCream is also recommended for use on hands and other skin areas that are exposed to frequent washing and temperature extremes.

* Not approved for sale in California.

  • Creamy cosmetic base - provides ease of application
  • Contains Vitamins A,D, and E
  • Contains Lanolin for maximum penetration and soothing
  • Contains Aloe Vera Gel and Glycerin
  • May help reduce incidence of chapped hands and other exposed skin areas
  • Aids in frost protection, wind and other adverse weather conditions
  • Pleasant scent for customer appeal

Udders: Wash and thoroughly dry udder and each teat. Apply DuraCream liberally and evenly to entire teat and udder area after each milking, being sure to coat teat orifice. Gently massage coated area to work DuraCream onto skin.
Hands and other skin areas: Wash and thoroughly dry area. Apply DuraCream and massage onto skin.

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